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Get the Most out of Life


As a successful solopreneur, Master Executive Coach, wife of 20 years and mom to three gorgeous children, I know about the desire to have some time and space to just THINK.

You are a busy woman, with all the trappings of a successful career and family life. But, you also know there’s more you want to do. Some of your goals have your attention and you give life and energy to them, and some you do not.

I’m interested in the goals you have for yourself that you tuck away and tell yourself you’ll get to ‘someday’. Maybe you want to start your own business. Maybe you want to write a book. Maybe you want to win the inner circle prize at your organization. Maybe you want to earn $5,000,000. Maybe you just want to figure out how to be home more and find a peace and contentment that has eluded you for years. Only you know.

Together, we will peel back the limits you’ve imposed on yourself and we’ll get about the business of putting those dreams into tangible plans.

Several times per year, I bring a group of successful women to the North Shore of Oahu @ Turtle Bay Resort for a unique, intense coaching experience. We spend three days together, working outside, under the tree-lined beaches of a nature preserve. The group is intentionally kept small so that each one of you gets a deep, intense coaching experience. Something truly magical happens when each of my groups meet. There is a certain off-the-charts type of wisdom we tap into when we are together. “Magic” is the word most often used to describe our experience together.

Because the groups are small, I meet with each potential attendee prior to providing registration information. If you’d like to schedule time to discuss this experience, select TAKE ME TO THE BEACH button below and send me a message indicating your interest.

The next Coaching Events are currently being scheduled. If you’d like to receive an invitation when the dates are finalized, please¬†select the TAKE ME TO THE BEACH button below: