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Relentless is a mindset.

It is a way of choosing to think about your experience and who you want to be in it.

Each day we either choose to tap relentlessness or we choose to abdicate.

There’s not right or wrong.

There is just choice.

Relentless for me is:

Choosing to go the event, even though I really am nervous to attend.

Saying ‘no’ to a friend or client or colleague, when ‘yes’ would be so-much-easier.

Watching my daughter or son go outside and practice on-their-own, because they want to get better.

Making the choice to share my work in the world. In public. Over-and-over-and-over again.

Having the conversation I wish I could avoid forever.

Holding a boundary, even though I know the other person will be upset.



Showing up, even when it sucks and is hard.

Relentless is an active, supervised mindset that we embody and choose in each moment.

And some days… we don’t choose relentless.

Some days we hide.

Some days we avoid.

Some days we disengage.

But… once the relentless mindset reveals itself to us, it doesn’t hide, avoid or disengage for long.

Once she knows you.

She’s got you.

Because relentless is… well….

Relentless and she chooses to be seen and heard.