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What is hiding underneath your fear of changing?

I’ve watched so many of my clients wrangle with their fear around change.

So they stay in awful jobs.

Work with awful people.

They stay in horrible marriages.

They are lonely, unhappy, joyless…

And yet, they have this ache that calls to them.

They have a lightness underneath all that weight.

And when they let it out, it’s amazing what happens.

Once we allow ourselves to go through the pain of change, the truth of our lives is on other side.

My clients have created powerful businesses, written life-changing books, shared their experience and wisdom with others who would’ve never heard their voice.

When you are willing to push through the fear ….you find yourself no longer shackled by limits.

When you allow your truth to be in the world, free and light and joyous,


Don’t be afraid.

You are part of a long line of powerful women, filled with light, who have so much to share.

You can do this.

You can let go of the burdens that keep you, detangle and join the rest of us exploring and playing with our truth.