Does this ever happen to you?

You prepare and plan for a BIG event.

Maybe it’s a presentation to a large group.

Maybe it’s a vital presentation to a small, key group of decision makers.

It may also be an essential, yet challenging conversation.


You get ready.

You prepare.

You are totally good-to-go.




You literally, blow your own mind.

You were THAT good.

You know it because of how you feel.

You get feedback from others about how incredibly masterful and exceptional it was.




Until you don’t.

Until you wake up the next day or the day after that and you feel completely mortified.

You want to crawl in a hole.


You cringe at the memory of words coming out of your mouth.

You worry that it really wasn’t THAT good.

How could it have been if you said ‘that!’?


I call this the ‘bigness hangover’.

You stepped up.

You stretched.

You took a new hill and stood on new ground.


And now, your little (or monsterous) inner-critic is having her way with you.


Here’s the best-news-ever.

It’s a normal thing.

There’s nothing wrong here.


We step up and get seen in a new way and then we question our place there.

But you are there.


There’s nothing to hide from.

You gave more of yourself and now you have learned you can.


Discomfort is a part of growth.

It isn’t a stop sign.


Your mind will want to challenge you to shrink back and stay safe.

But safety is actually in doing more, not less.

Being more.

Growing more.

Offering more.

Shining more.


You’ve got this.

All BIGNESS of you!


Keep it up and DO IT AGAIN!