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I see you.

I see how you say one thing and then do another.

What you really want… what you really value… what your real priorities are…

Are showing:

– In the texts you do (or don’t) respond to

– In the phone calls you do (or don’t) answer

– In the meetings you do (or don’t) show up for

– In the meetings you do (or don’t) cancel or reschedule

– In the food you do (or don’t) eat

– In the friends you do (or don’t) create time for

– In what you say you’re too busy (or not) to do

How about you either get real with yourself and just admit what is important right now? OR
Decide to actually put your actions behind what you ‘say’ matters.. huh?

Maybe it’s time to simplify the commitments and instead of thinking you should do it all.

Just commit to and then do what is most important.

Say ‘no’ more often… to others.

And to yourself.

Sit still for a minute.

Make a list of what really matters.

And look at what you’ve written.

Are you living each day as a promise to fulfill your priorities?

I know you can.

I’ve got you.



(a letter I wrote to myself… but I thought it might be good for you too)

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