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New Year.

New Beginnings.

As we think about the year to come, let’s not forget that we aren’t really starting over.

We aren’t really ‘beginning’… we are building. Adding. Contributing to… A life.

The Year is New.

But the life, is ongoing.

And with each passing moment we are building on top of what has come before.

We begin the next step of our wisdom and knowingness and experience.

So, as you reflect on the year to come… take a moment as ask yourself these questions:

  • What am I building onto?
  • What lessons will I take with me?
  • What lessons have a I learned and can peacefully let go of?
  • What do I need to pack and bring along into this bright, shiny New Year?
  • What will I leave on the porch of the year behind?
  • Who has this past year helped me to become?
  • What would I like this new year to teach me?

The New Year rituals we have are lovely and marvelous and powerful.

It is a time for resetting intention and focus.

For letting go of difficulty and sadness and disappointment.

To relish in joy, happiness, celebrations and love.

Take a moment.

Honor what you’ve done.

Pack in the lessons.

Keep what you choose.

And let the rest go with the passing year.

And take the next step… enjoy the coming moments of the New Year,

Where more of YOU will be discovered… and uncovered.