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It wasn’t expected.

You didn’t see it coming.

It knocked you on your ass.


You need to sit for a minute.

Take it in.

Figure out if anything is really injured.

Take notice of where it hurts.

Understand the pain.

Acknowledge it.

See it.

Feel it.

Don’t hide from hit.

Hiding only gives it strength.

Strength to live in the crevices of your existence so it can rear itself up … whenever it wants.



Feeling our pain is our surest way out of it.








But don’t hide.


The rally cry of a strength is vulnerability and transparency.


Be seen. Pain and all.


Then share.

Let others know.

Yeah, it’s happened to me to.

Telling others about your pain helps them let go of theirs.

You show them it can be survived.

You are proof.

There is no timeline for the Rally.

It comes as we release the story of WHY we had to have the pain.

There is no why.

There is no reason.

There just is… what is.

When you can be with what is… you can begin to build a new one.

A new what is.

A new what will be.

A new that builds on the experience of the pain.

But not the suffering of the pain.


Rallying is knowing you have been injured.

And being able to understand you are okay.

And you will be fine.

And you will be stronger.

Rallying is sometimes one breath in… one breath out.

Rallying may also be writing down words.

So others can know.

They can do it to.