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I see you there, Failure.
How you trick us into avoiding you.
How you make us afraid of you.
How you want us to believe we should hide and protect ourselves from you… no-matter-what.
I see how you want us to settle and to avoid risk.
But I also see how much we truly need you.
Like a strict parent or a bowling bumper guard.
You provide the rails.
You give us direction.
You help us reassess and redirect.
Experiencing you can hurt.
But learning from you can be amazing.
So, I see you there Failure.
I invite you in.
I challenge you to show me the way.
I’ve met you many times this year… and each time, I’ve rallied.
I’ve learned.
I’ve grown.
I’ve become better.
So… thank you Failure.
You are always welcome.
Because you are the passage to what’s next and better…
You are the proof I need that I’m growing and stretching into the woman, parent, leader I am meant to be.
What haven’t you started because of your relationship with Failure? 
What do you yearn to accomplish?
What would be your best-case-scenario six months from now?
I know mine.
I’m working on it.
I’m failing… regularly to get there.
I’m currently meeting with potential clients to work with me next year.
If you have a goal. A focus. A wish. A dream you want to make happen, then let’s connect and make a plan.

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2018 is the year to ‘get it’. 
Let’s go.