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Most of us believe what we believe unconsciously.

We’ve believed what we believe for so long that we think out thoughts are the truth.

This is all find and good, until we realize we believe thoughts that are hurtful.

We believe we aren’t good enough.

We aren’t happy enough.

We aren’t smart enough.

We make bad choices.

We have not will power.

We aren’t lovable.


What if, you could choose your thoughts on purpose?

What if the way you think about yourself, your life, your kids, your work, your… everything… could-be-different?

And what if by doing so, you could change everything?

Supervising our minds and choosing, consciously what we want to believe is a practice.

It’s not a one and done.

You’re never finished, because your mind gives you daily opportunities to be challenged with unnecessary thoughts.

We have to be conscious.

If we want to experience our lives as conscious adults, that means we must supervise our thinking.

Wake up.

Choose what you want to believe about this day and you in it.

Put it on like an outfit and wear it.

Use your thinking to navigate your experiences.

It changes every-single-thing.