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When we’re in a hurry. We miss stuff.

Sometimes important stuff.

We forget our keys.

Leave our laptop behind… maybe a passport.

Little things we’d never think we’d forget, get forgotten.

Because when we tell ourselves to hurry, we only focus on the result we think we want.

The result we think is best in-that-moment.

The result we think we should have.

The result that must be the right result.

And while we focus on what we believe is right or best, we miss what could be really the best thing.

Because we can’t see it.

That amazing other possibilities becomes the keys you left behind.

Because you were in a hurry.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that results tend to happen if we do or don’t hurry….

But the results I usually like best….

The ones that are actually the best result for me and my business… are the results that come from NOT being in a hurry.

When I’m not in a hurry…

I listen.

I wait.

I trust.

I believe there is a best answer and I don’t have to force it.

I don’t hustle others to meet my temporary objectives.

So take a minute today.

Look at what (or who) you’re trying to ‘hurry along’ in your life and work.


What’s the rush?

What do you tell yourself that makes your hurrying so vital?

Is it true?

What if you weren’t in a hurry, how might that change everything?

How might believing you don’t have to rush this bring you relief and as a result new insight and perspective.

Try it.

Be open to things (or people) not having to be done immediately.

Take a deep breath.

There’s no rush.

It’s all going to work out in the end… because it always does.