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There’s a huge difference between doing something and becoming someone.

We get married, but we must become a partner.

We have a baby, but we must become a parent.

We build the business, but we must become a leader.

Doing the thing… doesn’t make us the thing..

Becoming is the work part.

And it is the part (most of us) would prefer to avoid.

When we only sign up to do… and not become, we generally fail.

The hard part pushes people away from the responsibility required of us to grow.

And so many only DO and do not become.

When we grow, we become.

Becoming a partner in a marriage means letting go and learning to accept much of what we’d prefer not to.

Becoming a parent means choosing this little being over everything else, it means difficult work and a depth of indescribable love.

Becoming a leader means difficult conversations, seeing beyond tomorrow and creating a vision others are excited to follow.

Becoming is the work.

Becoming requires that we challenge the limitations we’ve indulged in the past.

Becoming means we are willing to do the tough part to really experience the ease and joy …

Of who it is we have become, by showing up, learning the lessons, challenging our minds and doing the work.