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You’re the boss.

You help others.

In fact, you often spend most of your day helping others.

You answer their questions.

You give direction.

You help them think through their challenges.

You resolve.

Your confirm.

You decide.

How well do you help yourself?

Many of my executive female clients struggle with this.

They will say ‘I wish there was someone to help me, like I help others.’

There are two areas to pay attention to here.

First of all, when you believe you need help and you don’t find it, it you limit yourself

and you give away your ability to CREATE your own solutions.

YOU are a rockstar and YOU can figure it out.

I know this about you.

Secondly, it really is okay to ask for help.

But, if you’re like so many women I know, you’re not very well practiced at it.

In many cases, we see asking for help as a sign of weakness.

I know that I sometimes believe asking others for help as a interruption or burden to them (what-the-what?!?)

Crazy and silly and yet.. it’s what many of us do.

Asking for help is nothing other than an ask.

We don’t ask, because we assume responsibility for someone else’s answer, time, energy or ability to help.

It’s okay to ask.

It’s okay to say you don’t know.

It’s okay to NEED support and direction from the wisdom of others’ experience.


It’s okay.

You’ve achieved your level of success, by trusting, listening and borrowing the knowledge and expertise of others.

Don’t stop doing so now.

Ask for help.

But … also.. know this.

You are truly capable, whether the help you seek arrives or not.

Trust and know this… always.