Several years ago, I was at a crossroads in my career and in my life. I knew, deeply in my bones, that I wanted to launch and start my own business. But I was scared.

During a Mastermind event, I came up with this question “What does Relentless Pursuit of the Work I love Look Like?”
That question sent me on an ongoing journey of redefining my own work in the world and helping countless
other women to do the same.

Relentlessness is the spirit of commitment to continue to move forward, giving light and honor to our goals, even when things get difficult. Relentlessness tells us we can, even when the struggle is real. And Relentless women do this work with grace.

In a time when women are being called to do all sorts of ‘things’ to prove their worth … “Be a bad-ass. Tap into your inner-bitch. Run the world. Be a Lady-boss”… These don’t resonate for me. It’s awesome that it works for others, but they don’t resonate with the strong woman I believe myself to be. I have found others who agree.

They are part of the Relentless Tribe.

The Relentless Tribe chooses grace and casual elegance. Relentless chooses intelligence with a hefty dose of humor and fun. But mostly, Relentless chooses commitment to WHAT it is we really, really, really want AND WHO it is we want to continue to challenge ourselves to be.

Life moves fast. Success is a powerful elixir for many things and yet, many successful women have a yearning for something more. You know you are ready for the Relentless Tribe, when you can look at your life and say ‘this is good’. I don’t ‘want’ for anything. But I do have work to do. I do have dreams unfulfilled. I do know I have a voice that needs to find her way to the surface.

I work with other executive women to help them pay attention to their own inner-nudges and get clear about how to move forward for themselves, their families and their businesses.

Come and join me at the beach and let’s tap into your Relentless Spirit!